English Courses, UK

Standard General English Course - 20 Lessons

London , Oxford , Worthing , Leeds , Dublin , Harrogate

The Standard General English Course takes place every morning from Monday to Friday, leaving you free every afternoon to join the Social Programme or study in our Self-Access facilities. 

Your morning lessons are divided into two parts and you will usually be taught by two different teachers.

In the first lesson the teacher concentrates on improving your accuracy, focusing primarily on grammar, reading and writing. The course-book is the basis for much of this lesson, with supplementary material taken from workbooks and other resource material.

The second session concentrates on improving your overall communicative proficiency and fluency, focusing on your listening, speaking and vocabulary and consolidating the first part of the morning. You will also be able to work on specific pronunciation difficulties and improve the language you will use in real-life situations. 

Students taking this course for longer periods (8 - 25 weeks) will have monthly assesments to make sure their are constantly improving.

Intensive General English Course - 26-30 Lessons

London , Oxford , Worthing , Leeds , Dublin , Harrogate

On the Intensive General English Course, you will follow the same programme as the Standard General English Course in the mornings, plus three afternoon classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and  Thursday afternoons, which gives you the opportunity to improve your communicative proficiency through  discussions, topical debates, authentic materials and video.  

The main objective of the Intensive General English course is to develop communication skills at an accelerated rate and to improve your competence in using English in everyday situations. 

Our modern teaching methods and use of supplementary materials give you the best opportunity to build your language skills and maximise the benefits of the time you spend with us.